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  • Acceptance of the base engineering systems equipment with sign-off of the respective acts;
  • Controlling of the commissioning works performance and equipment tests;
  • Participation in the acceptance of the finished property as an operation company;
  • Check of the performance documentation for compliance with the work project and the actual performance;
  • Organization and performance of stock take of the engineering-technical equipment;
  • Preparation of the set of the documents for the equipment (technical passports, instructions, etc)
  • Development of the rules of performing finishing works by the tenants;
  • Control of the performance of finishing works at the tenants’ offices with provision of the connection points to the base engineering systems.
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Специалисты компании обслуживают все предусмотренные проектом инженерные системы, в том числе:
  • The company specialists service all the engineering systems provided in the project, including:
  • Power supply and lighting systems;
  • Ventilation and air conditioning;
  • The cooling system;
  • The heating system;
  • The system of water supply and sewerage;
  • Elevators and other lifting mechanisms;
  • Fire extinguishing systems in public areas and parking spaces;
  • Security alarm services;
  • Smoke removal systems and air overpressure;
  • The system of automatic management and control of the equipment;
  • The Video surveillance system;
  • The access control system;
  • The communication, radio and television system;
  • Automatic doors, gates and shutters.


Scheduled technical maintenance is performed by the specialist staff of the Facility Services and is carried out according to an individual plan of the scheduled preventative maintenance, developed in accordance to the specific characteristics of the installed equipment.


Emergency maintenance is carried out by mobile teams of RD Management. The maximum response time is one hour.


The organization of operator services allows to monitor the work of the base engineering systems of the building round-the-clock and respod to the problem situations timely.

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  • Organization of the general building security;
  • Organization of the people security in the building;
  • Maintenance of the adminitrative order;
  • Security of the tenants spaces;
  • Fire evacuation support;
  • Monitoring of the security alarm system.
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  • Cleaning of the public spaces;
  • Cleaning of the adjacent territories;
  • Cleaning of the parking;
  • Disinfection, deratisation and disinfestation of the territories;
  • Cleaning of glass surfaces, windows and facade;
  • Treatment of natural stone surfaces;
  • Cleaning and replacement of fixed carpets;
  • Cleaning of roofs from snow and debris;
  • Garbage and snow collection;
  • After construction cleaning;
  • Provision of additional cleaning services.
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Reception and registration of incoming calls

Reception of the incoming correspondence

Visitors information support

Receipt of requests and compliants from the tenants.