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  • Visual inspection of the building structures;
  • Visual inspection of engineering systems with check that all the basic units required for the operation of these systems are in order;
  • Execution of measurement works and laboratory studies;
  • Analysis and assessment of sufficiency of the available electric power;
  • Evaluation of the engineering systems productivity, assessment of their compliance with the design parameters;
  • Evaluation of the depreciation degree of the engineering equipment;
  • Check of the quality of performance of planned preventative works;
  • Formation of the registry of contractors, performing engineering systems maintenance;
  • Preparation of conclusion report, including a flaws sheet, photo-report, and recommendations.


  • Analysis of the legal documentation;
  • Analysis of BTI plans, analysis of the property cadastral passports;
  • Rent/lease agreements analysis;
  • Check of the accounting, financial and tax statements;
  • Forming of registry of legal risks, connected with the property.


  • Development of the energy passport and the “energy efficiency” part in the design stage;
  • Development of recommendations concerning energy saving measures;
  • Approval process of the energy passport with the authorities.


  • Analysis of the project documentation;
  • Projects registration for certification;
  • Services of involvement of BREEAM, LEED certified valuators
  • Description of the environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standards;
  • Performance of calculations in accordance with environmental standards;
  • Certification support.
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  • Analysis of the technical specifications statements of the development of engineering systems;
  • Analysis of the sufficiency of energy resources from the perspective of the functioning of the property;
  • Analysis of the main technical solutions, on which the design of engineering systems is based;
  • Recommendations concerning allocation of the energy centers of the property;
  • Recommendations concerning allocation of the main communication of the base engineering systems of the property;
  • Recommendations concerning determination of the boundaries of responsibility for operations and balance sheet belonging and concerning the base engineering systems and the systems of the tenants;
  • Recommendations concerning vertical transport and its functionality (elevators, escalators); 
  • Recommendations concerning the functional practicability of the organization of windows cleaning, stained-glass windows cleaning and building facades cleaning.


  • Analysis of the project documentation, creation of the archive of the documentation;
  • Evaluation and quality control of the construction and commissioning works, formation of the damage statement;
  • Acceptance of the facility;
  • Works on the organization of the operation of the facility and preparation of input data for the design of the engineering systems of the tenants.